Tips and Tricks

Various tips and tricks to help you in your journey with us

How to use go/links

Once you download the go/links extension, you can start using go/links right away. Type go/learn in your address bar and it will bring you to this website.

If instead you go to search results page, make sure that the result you press enter on, has the world icon next to it

Ensure that the icon is world icon

How do I login?

Click on the extension icon button to open the extension dashboard where you can do all sorts of tasks.

go/links icon in chrome

From dashboard you can click on the User dropdown and click on login.

User menu, to go to login page

This will bring up the login box from where you can signup and also reset your password.

If you don't have an account, feel free to signup

Once you login, you will be in sync with your team.

After login, dashboard shows all the go/links shared within your team

How do I create a new go/link?

There are multiple ways to add a new go/link.

Add it from the go/links dashboard

Make sure that the link is actually correct

Add it from the page itself by right clicking on the page and using go/links menu

You can also open dashboard from the right click menu

What are the other two icons for?

We are glad you asked.

Delete link and link analytics

The first one here is delete icon which will remove this go/link from the team's list

Second icon will give you usage statistics about that link

Link usage for last 30 days

How do I add another member to my team?

You can go to team page by clicking on the "Invite team member" option.

Anything related to team can be done on this page

On this page, you can see all the existing team members. You can also add new team members by using their email and remove existing team members by clicking on the delete button.

Team dashboard

I have more questions

If you have more questions, please feel free to drop us an email at and we will be happy to answer them for you.