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Quick-add Calendar Invite

Quickly add a calendar event based on selected text in the page. Just select the text and press the shortcut key.
This extension allows you to quickly add a calendar invite from any webpage. Simply select the text that include date-time in the page, click extension icon (or press cmd+shift+k/control+shift+k) and it will auto add the event to your specific calendar. It works best on gmail and google calendar. We are continuously improving it across other websites.
Extension options allow you to choose your preferred calendar type
Use cases
  • You perform a job role which requires you to book multiple meetings with folks during the day. With this extension, you can simplify that whole process and get crucial time back.
  • You are looking at a webpage where you see that your favorite band will be in town in a few months. Now rather than doing all the manual work of opening calendar and adding this event, you can simply select the date-time and use the shortcut which will add a calendar event for you
Simply select the text in the email that you want to use for calendar invite
Press the shortcut and you get to a draft event with dates, emails, title and description pre-filled
  • With 7 day trial you can confirm if it fits your needs.
  • With $1.99 subscription you get unlimited usage. No restrictions.
How to use
  • Install the extension
  • Go to a mail which contains some text about scheduling
  • Select the text and click on the extension icon or use the shortcut (cmd+shift+k/control+shift+k)
  • Calendar will open up with all the details pre-filled. You can edit event details before saving it
If you have any issues or have feedback, feel free to reach out to us on twitter at