Automate all recurring tasks

Our pricing is fairly simple and caters to individuals and businesses at various stages.

Free for personal usage

With 1 hour a month of free usage time, you can play around with CoPilot and its various automation charts. You can see how it works and how it can help your daily life, be it with your work, or your personal life.

We don't have any limitations on the type or number of charts you can use. Share your charts with your friends and colleagues and give them the joy of automating mundane tasks in their lives.


  • Get access to all the charts in our library

  • Install it on as many machines as you want, no limitations on parallel runs

  • Unlimited schedule runs

  • Unlimited shortcut runs

What about sharing my username and password with my friends?

We actually encourage you to share your CoPilot account with your family and team members. It helps keep everyone in sync and others can benefit from your automation.

Pricing plans

Note: The only limitations are the ones imposed by the website where you are running the automation. If you do it too much, you might get blocked.

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