Get YouTube Video Transcript

Get transcripts for YouTube videos and download them as a CSV or text file.
Do you ever want to just get the text transcript of the video rather than watch the whole video. With this extension you can download the complete transcript of any youtube video in text or CSV formats. See image for samples of transcripts in different file formats.
Use cases
  • Download a video's transcript and quickly search through transcript text to see if it contains the information you are looking for. Use CSV format to know exactly which part of the video you want to watch
  • Download your own video's transcript and then use it as a starting point to make your video transcripts even better
How to Use
  • Install the extension
  • Simply open a youtube video, click on the extension icon and you will get the transcript downloaded within seconds.
  • It doesn't work for livestream videos, yet.
CSV sample for YouTube Video Transcript
Text sample for YouTube Video Transcript
If you have any issues or have feedback, feel free to reach out to us on twitter.