Charts allow your copilot to navigate the web. Think of them as astronomical charts for your spaceship!

What is a chart?

There might be more web pages in the world than there are stars in the galaxy. Okay, maybe not as many, but it's similarly complex to navigate around the web and get your day-to-day tasks done efficiently.

Charts essentially encode the information about: How to do TASK on the WEBSITE. The information encoded in the charts includes things like, copy the name, click on load more, wait for a minute for the page to load, etc.

But as a user, you don't have to worry about charts at all. All you need to do is find the chart which does the task that you are trying to accomplish. We have a multitude of charts available at If you have suggestions on more charts, feel free to message us on Twitter at CakeAI_.

Okay! I found the chart I want to use, what now?

Charts encode how to do something. We use configurations to make them work for us. For example, a chart that gets data from a webpage and adds it to google sheets needs to know which sheet to add it to, when to get the data. These are your settings and are private to you.

To customize a chart for yourself, make sure you are logged in. Then you should see options to add

  • New Shortcut

  • New Schedule

What's a shortcut?

Shortcuts are like magic spells! They help you start a complex process when you need it, without worrying about all the underlying details about the process. For example, our LinkedIn profile scraper allows you to get complete profile information for contact from LinkedIn. You can set a shortcut configuration for that chart. Next time you visit the LinkedIn profile of someone you want to keep in touch with, just press the shortcut and the data will be added to your spreadsheet.

Shortcuts are great at helping you automate actions in context. So remember to keep your shortcuts small and easy to remember. We like to use g for scarping recipes. So when we visit an Instagram profile or a LinkedIn profile, we can press g and profile information is added to the correct sheet automatically. Easy to remember and use.

I think I know what's a schedule, right?

Yes! Schedules are just a way to set up something to run on a.. you guessed it.. schedule! For example, we use our Browse Website chart to periodically open our website in the background. Just to make sure that things are all working alright.

You can use this for all sorts of things. Want to understand the growth rate of Instagram followers for your account? Or, do you want to periodically go to LinkedIn and accept the connection requests that you have received. You can schedule it all!

Okay! I have a schedule and I have a shortcut, what now?

Now just sit back and relax. Whenever you are visiting the website for your shortcut, just press the shortcut and see the magic happen.

Your scheduled tasks will run on schedule. Remember, everything runs on your machine, so if your laptop is closed, the scheduled tasks won't happen.

Can I run these schedules on Cloud?

Cloud is just someone else's computer. We value your privacy too much to ask for your account credentials or your session cookies. Don't give your cookies to others, they don't appreciate it as much as you do.

Moreover, CoPilot is designed to help you do things in tandem. It's your friendly CoPilot. We don't want it to be lonely in some data center in the middle of a desert.

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