Easy to remember short links, shared within your groups. Let's go places!

Sharing links and bookmarks over email and chat go only so far. With go/links you get a shared library of customizable short links that everyone in your team can access. These short links are not only easy to communicate with teams, but can also give you insights into how these short links are being used.

With go/links you can create your own intuitive shortcuts for lengthy and boring URLs. All you need to do is install go/links extension and click on the extension icon. We have already added helprouter for you. This will allow you to get started.


  • Totally free regardless of number of users or links

  • Optional, opt-in and private-to-team usage analytics with Google Analytics

Team Mode

go/links are best used within a team or group. Everyone on the team can install the extension, add the team's router and start using the routes right away.

In our Cake AI team, we share monthly updates to team using a video. But every time, the link to this video might be different. So we use go/updates as the short link to the video, no matter where it's posted. It's easier to remember and easy to communicate. Similarly we share a lot of short links among us which keep redundant and un-necessary communications to minimum and enable everyone to move fast and build more amazing tools for you. Anyone in the team can add new routes in the shared google spreadsheet and get going

That's it! Fairly simple to get started and use for everyone in the team. Let us know if you have suggestions or ideas on making it even better.

If you have more questions, feel free to check our some tips and tricks on next page.

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