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Our goal: Free human creativity!

Yeah! It sounds vague. Let us clear it for you. Machines are invented to help us. However, over time we haven't been able to realize this promise of automation. There are various factors in play here. We think we can remove one of them from the equation.

You are the virtuous captain, and we are trying to bring your automated CoPilot to life. Your own personal assistant. CoPilot is always there to do anything you ask of it. CoPilot lives on your computer and acts on your behalf. Simply put, it's an extension of you.

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As much as we want it to be smart like humans, it's not there yet. For now, you can tell us what you would like to automate. With your input and feedback, we codify the process of how to a certain task into a chart. CoPilot can now use this chart to automate the task for you. Learn more about these charts here.

Before you can start using a chart to automate, you need to make sure your CoPilot is configured to act according to your choices. We allow you to add as many configurations for a chart as you want. Learn more about these configurations here.

To get started, simply download the app and set up your first few charts. Don't worry about the cost. We have a generous free tier that is more than enough for your personal usage.

We hope that you will enjoy playing around with CoPilot and give us your valuable feedback. Let us know various tasks that you want your CoPilot to automate or how can we improve existing tasks.

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